Thursday, February 27, 2014

seven in seven, day four: faith and unanticipated grace

Has God ever revealed his love to you in a way, or at a time when, you least expected it? 

Maybe it was obvious, and in a certain sense, walked right up to you and said hello - or maybe it was more subtle - but however it came, it made an impression on you. 

I think these graces speak volumes about the love of God - in part, because they are completely unanticipated, and because I do nothing to deserve them except be present. They are a beautiful revelation of the providence of a God who knows what we need, and when it is needed. 

The "unanticipatedness" of these graces reminds me that life moves fluidly, whether or not we are flexible enough to match its motion. It seems to me, more and more, that the only way we can find ourselves flexible enough to match life's motion as best we can - the only way we can bob, weave, tuck, and roll, and come out alive - is through faith. That's a good thing, a beautiful thing, but it's also a hard thing. 

It's even harder for us to recognize that there is beauty in the difficulty.

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