Monday, February 24, 2014

seven in seven: day one... a rough start

I do a fair amount of browsing around the Catholic blogosphere, and Jennifer Fulwiler's Conversion Diary is always a good read. I managed to browse her direction a couple of days ago, when she threw down a gauntlet to her readers that I just couldn't refuse: seven blog posts in seven days. 

I've been pretty bad at regularly writing here since I started this blog - partly because of my crazy life - and partly because I just haven't felt very blog-motivated lately. I've had a few blog post ideas that I couldn't manage to turn into anything interesting. This is a pretty stark contrast to the last blog I kept, to which I was pretty faithful. Well, until I just quit writing there... FAIL!!

Needless to say, I saw Jen's 7 in 7 post, and thought, "Hey! That's a great idea! Maybe it'll give me some motivation to actually write something and SHARE it!" 

Riiight. (Cue Bill Cosby's "Noah" sketch...)

So here I sit with my laptop, wondering what the heck I'm gonna write about tonight - so apparently, the pressure of needing to write a thoughtful, articulate blog post is just too much for me right now. ;-)  I could blame it on the wicked migraine that sent me home from work today to sleep for several hours in a dark, quiet room, with plenty of ibuprofen to go around. I could blame it on the fact that I'm already thinking about the almost all-day meeting I'm going to be in tomorrow. Joy. That alone should be about enough to give me me another headache. Or, I could blame it on all the other stuff cluttering my mind tonight. 

Good grief, what is this seven-posts-in-seven-days supposed to be - redemptive suffering??? I thought the migraine had already taken care of that! 

I suppose it's one more thing to offer up tonight. :-P 
The Lord works in mysterious ways, right?

Day 1 of 7: it may not be pretty, thoughtful, or articulate, but this is it. 

Day 2 will be better, right?! 

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