Tuesday, February 25, 2014

seven in seven: day two... Tuesday misadventures

What. A. Day.

I spent most of it stuck in an all-day meeting. It went well, which is what mattered, but it was certainly not the way I’d usually choose to spend my workday. I have better things to do, like actually being a scientist and - what a thought - actually doing some science for a change. Since that’s what I get paid to do. Science.  

NB: if you’re a guy, you probably should just not bother reading the rest of this post. Or at least skip the next few paragraphs and get to the end. Because this is basically about pantyhose. And you probably don’t care about pantyhose. 

Anyway… I dressed up more than usual this morning, knowing I would be in said all-day meeting, and knowing it would behoove me to go the extra mile in terms of my appearance. That meant more than my usual skirt/cute shirt/nice shoes ensemble - it meant the skirt/blouse/jacket/and-these-high-heels-mean-business ensemble. This is an ensemble that, IMO, requires pantyhose. Well, I was just about ready to leave the house this morning when I discovered that my pantyhose had unexpectedly sprung a run. 


Unfortunately, I didn’t have another pair handy, because my backup pair died a tragic death last Sunday after a lethal encounter with a rogue toenail (apparently, it is just not my month for pantyhose!). But this run was in an inconspicuous location covered by my skirt, and easily contained with a little nail polish. Or so I thought, until this afternoon. In the home stretch of today’s meeting marathon, I looked down as I crossed my legs from one side to the other, and… crap!!!!! I found that the supposedly easily contained run had escaped, and was attempting to run away!

There’s nothing like forcing yourself to sit still for the last hour of a day-long meeting when you’re feeling fidgety and tired of sitting.

By the time I carefully made it back to my office, post-meeting, the run hadn’t gone long distance - so I sprayed the hell out of it with hairspray, and hoped it would stay put for awhile. Three cheers for skirts that hit just below the knee when I’m standing - or really, maybe it’s three cheers for being on the slightly vertically challenged side of life! (I am ~5’6” - not really short, but not really tall - soooooo… slightly vertically challenged.)

In any case, that pair of hose hit the trash when I got home this evening. They survived the day, from meeting marathon through evening Mass, like a *mostly* good and faithful servant.

God always finds a way to remind me of His sense of humor - and that I shouldn’t take some things - things like my pantyhose, and all-day meetings - quite so seriously. By the time I got to the church for evening Mass, I was just glad my workday was over, so I could spend some time with our Lord, in peace and quiet. The run in my hose was totally irrelevant.

Well, peace and quiet was a bit of a misadventure. You know how, when you’ve spent most of your day keyed up over something (like an all-day meeting, or some such stressful thing) - you can become totally exhausted, and not realize it until later? Yeah. That was me, sitting in the chapel this evening before Mass. Finally, a chance to sit in silence and enjoy the quiet, I thought. But my body said… “Ooooh, a prime opportunity to spin down for the day!!” Couple that with trying to pray a rosary, and you have the perfect recipe for fighting to stay awake before Mass.

I did finish the rosary (though it took me nearly 45 minutes), and I was legitimately awake by the time Mass began. I even managed to make dinner when I got home. Now, I’m cozied up under a blanket with my fuzzy poodle and a glass of wine, writing this, and grateful for God’s goodness - in all-day meetings that end well, rosaries that take longer than usual, evening Mass, fuzzy poodles, glasses of wine, and soon, a hopefully good night’s sleep, knowing that tomorrow, I’ll go to work and maybe get to do some science. :)

And tomorrow, no pantyhose will be involved. 

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