Friday, April 10, 2020

the one who cannot be thought

God is the ultimate force of life and love in the universe. 

God does not cause death.

We do that.

Nature does that.

We don't understand it, and we want to know why... so we project our own explanations onto the Divine mind.

Yet we do not know why. Nor do we need to.

Can you live and love in the knowledge of not needing to know?

"We cannot think our way to God. He can be loved but not thought."

How do we love a God we cannot understand?

Maybe today, this day, Good Friday, holds that answer... that God became man and subjected himself to our own evil. If this is true, as we hold it to be, it could only be motivated by love.

Nothing else makes sense.

These weeks have gifted us an opportunity to grasp Christ's sacrifice of love in a new way, as we are presented with new ways to care for one another, in physical absence, with spiritual closeness.

Today, perhaps you will sit in silence with a new, different knowledge of what this love means, loving more deeply the God who cannot be thought. 

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