my corner of the world

Welcome! You can call me Sarah. 

I am continually attempting to be at peace in chaos, and maintain balance in the midst of a messy world that gets messier all the time. I fail at this regularly. Regularly, as in, every single day. 

I'm a scientist and an artist... so I want to know the whys and hows of creation... all the while yearning to create, to bring more beauty into the world.

And I'm sarcastic. If you hang around long enough, you'll be subject to a snark attack. You've been warned. #sorrynotsorry

I believe that the purpose of this life is not simply to "obey the rules" out of rote obligation or because we think the rules will lead us to salvation. No, I think the purpose of this life is to love God, and in that, to learn (ever so slowly and often painfully!) to love as God loves... and to share that love with a world in desperate need.  

You may not agree with everything I write here, and that's okay. Let's take advantage of the opportunity to discuss and even agree to disagree, instead of attacking each other.  

Feel free to comment or email me with your thoughts, and thanks for being here. Peace and good!