my corner of the world

You can call me Sarah. 

It has taken me years to overcome my fear of what others would think if they knew what I really thought. If I'm honest, it's still not easy... But practice leads toward perfection, even if it is never reached.

I am continually attempting to be at peace in chaos, and maintain balance in the midst of a messy world that gets messier all the time. I fail at this regularly. Regularly, as in, every single day. 

I believe that the purpose of this life is to get to God's side of eternity - not simply by "obeying the rules" out of rote obligation, but by learning first to love God, and then learning (ever so slowly and often painfully!) how to love as God loves. 

Perhaps you'll find some common ground with me... or if not, perhaps you'll find a different way of thinking about things.

When I'm not blogging - you might find me at Mass, or out running, or behind the camera lens.

Or I might be at work, acting like a scientist. Imagine that.